Wype Gold 3ply Toilet Tissues - 10 Rolls x 3

320 Sheets
10 rolls/ bundle x 3
100 % Virgin Pulp
OBA Free
FSC Certified

Approx weight 2 KG


Wype Gold Toilet Tissues come as the HEAVIEST toilet tissue in the market, weighing at an astounding 200 grams per roll. These big boys come in thick, strong and heavy. Needless to say, they are residue-free when wet, maintaining superior gentle touch and strength. Wype Gold Toilet Tissues offers maximum softness and strength with 3-ply thick sheets, ensuring superior cleaning with improved softness to reduce causes of skin irritation. Developed with advanced technology and 100% highest quality virgin fibers, every sheet gives a unique sensation of softness, ensuring the best in gentle, family hygiene care.