Lusol Baby Porridge Step 4 Banana and Sweet Pumpkin (13+ mths) 140g Bowl


Made with selected fresh ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Sterilized and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. Easy storage in room temperature. Ready to serve. Simple & Microwavable Package. Suitable for 13 months+ . Made in South Korea. Net weight 140g. Suitable for early weaning and for picky eaters! Convenient to bring it anywhere with you.

Flavours Available: 1) Banana & Sweet Pumpkin, 2) Nutritious Black Rice, 3) Sweet Potato & Apple

Stage 4 Baby Porridge is suitable for babies 13 months of age and above and should be served about 3 times a day before giving milk. For best flavour, heat up before serving and serve when lukewarm.

Lusol's in-house production facility is HACCP accredited by the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration (Korea) and produced in top safety, quality and hygiene control processing facilities. All our products are tested for heavy metals (including arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, tin etc..) and pesticide residue. Please note that the product is manufactured in a facility that processes the following ingredients: eggs, milk, soybean, crab, shrimp, wheat, pork, tomato, walnuts, beef, chicken, and shellfish (including mussel, abalone and oyster).