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What is formula milk?

Formula milk is a substitute for breast milk and is made using dehydrated milk. Most baby formula in Singapore is from cow's milk, and some other necessary vitamins and minerals for your child's healthy development. When feeding, it must be mixed with boiled water that has been left to cool and fed to babies via a cup or bottle.

The formula's nutrients can only facilitate a baby's growth and development for the first six months. After that, they may start consuming solids as well. However, regular cow's milk should be given to them once they're at least a year old.

Some baby milk formula comes from sources that aren't cow's milk – goat formula milk, rice, or soybeans, for instance, are examples of other items formula milk can be made from that don’t originate from cows. Products like Kendamil goat milk sold in Singapore have been adjusted to be more digestible or appropriate for children who cannot consume cow's milk protein or lactose. You can even buy 1 feeding with complete cream nutrients but without palm oil, fish oil, or GMOs.

Benefits of formula milk

Whether you're just switching to baby formula in Singapore or have been considering it for whatever reason, here are some factors you should consider when making your decision:

Mothers will know how much their baby is eating

You need to have a baby scale and can weigh your baby before and after feedings to know how much your child is consuming when you are breastfeeding. However, if you feed your child formula, you will always be aware of the exact number of ounces they have eaten.

This information can be beneficial if you have a baby with trouble gaining weight. Additionally, you can reasonably conclude that your baby's discontent is due to something else if they just finished a complete feeding but are still unhappy, making it easier to narrow down the cause.

Mothers don't have to be the only person feeding the baby

Having more than one person to feed the baby can be highly beneficial. For example, mothers won't constantly have their sleep disrupted when their children wake up in the middle of the night for their feedings, which improves their physical and mental health tremendously. Parents or caretakers can take turns feeding the child, which leads to a more equal, cohesive, and less overall exhausted parental unit.

Feeding your baby can also be a very effective bonding strategy. With baby formula milk, this won't just be limited to the mother. Fathers, grandparents, siblings, and even family friends can partake in this unique experience, giving your child a chance to form many more meaningful relationships in their infancy.

Mother experience more freedom

For mothers who feed their children formula milk, their everyday schedule will be much more flexible and free of restrictions. They won't have to worry about returning by a set time if they leave the infant in someone else's care.

If new mothers need to travel for work, they can even be gone for a long time without worrying about whether their child is receiving the necessary nutrients. In some ways, returning to work will also be simpler because their baby is already accustomed to being fed by others.

Despite the stigma surrounding baby milk formula, it can be highly convenient and advantageous to both the parents and the child. Here at Nurturing Naturally, we carry a range of high-quality, healthy baby milk formulas like Kendamil organic formula, Kendamil goat milk, Bellamy's organic, and more. Peruse our store to find your child's perfect baby formula in Singapore!