A Thorough Diaper Comparison Testing Absorbency And More

A Thorough Diaper Comparison: Testing Absorbency And More!

Mar 30, 2023Justin Wong

Apart from baby formula, diapers are another essential product that makes up the bulk of expenses in caring for a growing baby. As such, no parent would want to spend a fortune on diapers only for their little one to end up feeling uncomfortable. This makes buying quality yet cost-effective diapers all the more important as it keeps your child comfy, dry, and free from pesky rashes. If you're just learning how to change diapers or think you may be doing something wrong, this article is here to help you understand the factors that make a quality diaper and what to look out for when shopping.


The Important Features of a Quality Diaper


While it may seem like there's little that separates diaper products from one another, the truth is that there are many things that can make the difference between a quality diaper and an average one, namely:


Stretchability and fit


Blowouts and leaks are among the biggest problems when it comes to diapers. Most of the time, the reason for their baby's upset is not because they just got done with their business but more so the poorly fitting diaper used. Quality diapers feature secure yet elastic waistbands and leg cuffs that contour to your little one's legs to ensure a great fit. Should blowouts still occur, sizing up the diaper is recommended. Lastly, it should have enough stretchability not to leave any marks or creases on the skin. 


Softness and breathability


The diaper's material is a prime factor to consider, given your baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Thus, ensure it is made of breathable and soft materials to allow airflow into their bottoms. 


High absorbency


Diapers get wet to serve their purpose. However, diaper rashes aren't caused by fluids but more so by prolonged exposure to moisture. Diapers with highly absorbent cores wick moisture away from your little one's skin to prevent rashes and make them feel much more comfortable.


Wetness indicator lines


Many diapers now come with wetness indicator lines that typically change colour to indicate when a diaper is thoroughly soiled. It is a handy feature that helps parents know if it's time for a diaper change and avoids wasting diapers.


Comparison of Different Diaper Brands Available on Nurturing Naturally


At Nurturing Naturally, we offer a selection of the most popular diaper brands moms trust worldwide, such as Pampers, Huggies, Merries, Charnins, and more. Below, we provide an overview of how they measure against each other.



Pampers diapers are made of a soft, lightweight material that many happy mums claim is incredibly comfy against their baby's sensitive skin. They generally feature a high panel covering most of your baby's back for extra protection against leaks. Their wide leg holes ensure a snug yet comfortable fit for the baby, which also means a greater chance of moisture escaping through the legs.


With their blanket-like softness, Pampers claims their diaper guarantees can help your baby sleep better and more comfortably. Certain Pampers diapers feature their patented Air Channels™ that work to keep moisture away from the body and enable greater air circulation, further reducing the risk of diaper rash from developing. Moreover, they come with a wetness indicator that changes the colour of the front pattern on the diaper if it becomes full.



Merries is a Japanese diaper brand that has ranked first in the nation for ten years and is now available globally. Many parents now favour it for their incredible softness, premium absorbency, and leak-proof design. Merries diapers feature an advanced dual-channel super absorbent core that wicks away soft poop and fluids instantly with raised sides that prevent leaks. Regarding fit, the diapers come with a Comfort-Fit waistband for extra comfiness and a Flexi-fit W shape at the crotch region, perfect for babies who like to move around. Merries' superb absorbency, effectiveness at preventing, and snug, comfy, and rash-free fit all contribute to their high ratings in Japan, Singapore, and many other countries today.




Huggies is another premium diaper brand that is equally as popular as Pampers and features similarly excellent absorbency, softness, stretchability, and rash-free fit. They feature a super absorbent core that guarantees 12-hour dryness, as advertised in their Huggies Gold diapers and a 100% breathable outer cover and waistband that keeps your baby's skin dry. In addition, the waist and leg area features a cottony soft fit that provides excellent comfort no matter how active your little one gets. Cord clearance is also a plus for Huggies diapers as they generally have plenty of room. Still, their bulkiness, which leads to bunching between the legs, may be uncomfortable for smaller babies.




Diapers are a parent's best friend as they contain their little one's “explosions” and prevent staining their clothes and virtually everything else around the house. However, just like baby formula, the abundance of options in diapers can make it challenging to find the one that is right for your baby. Knowing what to look for and with the help of reviews online should be relatively easy to accomplish. 


The sheer number of diapers your little one requires would come as no surprise to you. So, if you’re tired of your bulky diapers taking up too much space in storage, subscribe to these top diaper brands on NuNa via our baby subscriptions and we will deliver your baby's diapers to you, only when you need it. Nurturing Naturally is a premium online baby store in Singapore that is equipped for all of your baby-related needs. For more details, visit our website today or contact us at hello@nurturingnaturally.com.sg.

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